LED daytime running light

SLK R171 AMG 55 to FL 08

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The PIECHA LED daytime running light inserts with exact fitting housings are easily replace the standard grille with fog lights. , the turning light will remain - unless previously available -. fully maintained for mounting a control module for the LED controller and the cable set included pre-assembled ready to install. The installation is unproblematic from the detailed installation instructions. The installation housings are screwed to original holes, so that they can be exchanged for the original grille with fog lights anytime. , the LED daytime running lights illuminate when the ignition with 100% light output (very light) Once the low beam headlights are switched on (via the Automatic mode) dim the LED daytime running lights at 20% light output down and act as marker lights. The daytime running lights have an E-approved and are not TÜV registration is obligatory.

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The TFL conversion kit consists of:

  • 2 Housing with mounting brackets made of PU plastic
  • 2 LED daytime running light inserts in black finish
  • 2 special clear glass fog lights
  • 1 light control module
  • 2 adapter cables for the fog lights
  • 1 fully assembled wiring harness for the LED daytime running lights
  • all necessary mounting hardware
  • Detailed, vehicle-specific mounting instructions