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M12 wheel bolts for spacers

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M12 wheel bolts for spacers

For the spacers, the longer wheel bolts must be ordered separately. Proper Radschraubenlänge they determined as follows: . thread length of the original wheel bolt measure up to the collar ring + spacer thickness (one side) in mm = new Radschraubenlänge waistband versions: MB = radius seat for original Mercedes-Benz Rims 60 = 60 ° taper seat for rims with tapered head screws Example: original wheel bolts for Mercedes-Benz and AMG rims M14 x 1.5 x 28 mm with spherical collar. 's New Radschraubenlänge for example, 24 mm wheel spacers for original Mercedes-Benz Rims 28 mm + 12 mm = 40 mm No. 141 540-MB If you need a different Radschraubenlänge, please notify us with the corresponding dimension.