Wheel Spacers & Wheel Bolts

Wheel spacers for front axle with grease cap

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Wheel spacers with grease cap

Wheel spacers with integrated grease cap for vehicles with high hub needed at the front axle. The track plates have a hub centering and so make optimum rim centering. The wheels are then optimally in the wheel arches. Choose from the list below your vehicle and determining the optimal wheel spacers for your tires.

The following pieces of information are required:

  • Rim width - eg 7.5 x 18
  • Offset - eg ET 35
  • Tyres - eg 225/35 R18
  • Vehicle type - eg CLK-Class
  • Vehicle Code - A / C 209

The following pieces of information are required:

Fahrzeugklasse Fahrzeug-Code Spurverbreiterung
C-Klasse W204 Report [131 KB]
CLK Cabrio / Coupe A / C 209 Report [64 KB]
CLS C 219 Report [144 KB]
CLS C 218 Report [179 KB]
E-Coupé / Cabrio A / C 207 Report [150 KB]
M-Klasse ML 164 Report [149 KB]
SLK Roadster R 171 Report [63 KB]
SLK Roadster R 172 inkl. SLK 55 AMG Report [59 KB]
SL Roadster R 230 Report [59 KB]
SL Roadster R 231 Report [81 KB]
ML Klasse
W 164
X 164
R 251
Report [149 KB]
Vito / Viano W 639 Report [118 KB]

Thus, they determine the appropriate wheel bolts

Shank length of the current wheel bolts measured up to collar
+ Distanzscheibensärke = new Radschraubenlänge thread strength observed M12 or M14

Please the wheel bolts (10 pieces per axis) order separately under the following statement: thread strength (thread pitch is always 1.5) thread length collar design (domed-MB or 60 ° taper seat-60)

Please note the following:

At 20 mm spacers at the VA, where appropriate, the original grease hub cover must be removed. There are also longer wheel bolts are required.