Lowering Module

ABC Lowering Module SL R230 until 06/2006

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What can the module

Only for Mercedes-Benz SL R230 before facelift 06/2006 possible with this module, the standard built-ABC suspension is about 30 mm lowered. Lowering can be customized only in our house are programmed with millimeter accuracy. During the drive, the chassis remains to about 50 km / h in the low setting. Starting about 50 km / h lifts the vehicle to the standard level of. The ride comfort is thus maintained. , the Level 1 and Level 2 settings remain unchanged. Uncomplicated installation with precise assembly instructions. After installing the module can be expanded at any time again and changed back to its original condition thanks to the plug-in connections. Professional installation should necessarily entail a specialist workshop.


For Mercedes-Benz SL R230 with ABC suspension until facelift 06/2006; Lowering about 30 mm