Lowering Module

Airmatic suspension lowering module ML W166

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What can the module

With this module you can individually over the steering wheel and the menu control, the factory-installed Airmatic suspension by up to 70 mm lower. Lowering is easy using the "+" "-." buttons in the steering wheel you can front and rear mm exactly self-program the depth of your ML / GL. The setting remains in effect until they want to change this yourself again. Starting at 70 km / h Lowering rises to its original condition and you have the full original ride comfort. Uncomplicated installation with precise assembly instructions and a vehicle specific Plug and Play wiring harness. , the professional Installation should always be done by a specialist workshop.


For Mercedes-Benz ML 166 with Airmatic suspension. Lowering up to 70 mm possible.


  • There are here no cables severed.
  • The module can be switched on via the menu at any time and from.
  • A rear armor to its original state at any time.
  • For use in other Mercedes-Benz vehicles with ABC or Airmatic suspension merely a vehicle-specific wiring harness is necessary.
  • This can be ordered vehicle specific.