SL-Class R230 after facelift

PIECHA design developed and implemented with attention to detail High-Quality Tuning & Design Products, and Automotive Accessories - primarily for vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. 's The Mercedes-Benz SL (Series SL R230), also with facelift, known for its dynamic and Detailed lines, which gives the car a versatile face. Especially for this versatility PIECHA Design has developed a design program to enhance the dynamic character of the car yet. Both the front and the rear also appear much sportier and more masculine. The driving dynamics are just as much improved as the functionality extended by modern control modules. The Tuning & Design program of PIECHA design is basically a modular design, so that individual elements can only be selected. A SL R230 Complete installation, we also offer through our "Avalange RS-R" design program. Be inspired and inspire you!

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PIECHA Design, Mercedes SL R230 Tuning for Mercedes SL R230 each after facelift 08 In addition to the tuning & Design program Avalange RS-R, we also offer the Tuning & Design program Avalange RS. Depending on personal taste, we put the rear diffuser more or less discreetly into scene. PIECHA Design Mercedes SL R230 products for every taste!