SL-Class R230 before facelift

PIECHA design developed and implemented with attention to detail high-class design products and automotive accessories -. Primarily for vehicles from Mercedes-Benz for the Mercedes-Benz SL (Series R230), we have developed a special program to the dynamic character of the car yet to increase. The driving dynamics significantly improves and extends the functionality of modern control modules. The changes are basically made ​​up of programs PIECHA modular, so that individual elements can only be selected. A complete conversion, we also offer our design programs "Avalange I" , "Avalange RS" and "Avalange RS-R" to. Be inspired and inspire you!

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PIECHA Design, Mercedes SL R230 pre-facelift 2008 Tuning for each Mercedes SL R230 pre-facelift Mercedes SL R230 08 as 350, Mercedes SL R230 500, Mercedes SL R230 55 AMG and Mercedes SL R230 65 AMG. Mercedes SL R230 Tuning in all facets of the Mercedes SL R230 pre-facelift 2008 model, the Mercedes R230 pre-facelift 08 model, and the Mercedes R230 before FL08 model. Whether SL R230 Exterior, SL R230 Interior, SL R230 rims, SL R230 19 inch wheels, SL R230 20 inch wheels, SL R230 Carbon SL R230 stainless steel exhaust systems SL R230 stainless steel sports exhaust, SL R230 soft top control module, SLK R230 Vario roof module, SL R230 Power Converter, SL R230 Wind Deflector, SL R230 daytime running lights, SL R230 LED daytime running lights, SL R230 chrome, SL R230 Roll bar, SL R230 sports suspension, SL R230 Wheel Spacers, SL R230 bonnet fins SL R230 diffuser SL R230 Front Spoiler, SL R230 spoilers or SL R230 aero parts . We have products for every SL Tuning taste!